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fredag 16. august 2013

Paperbag Mini Album Bundle of Joy Papers from Echo Park Paper.

Sooo, I finally managed to finish the Album for my sister. I love the paper, it makes me so happy! I hope my sister will like it as well.  The album has room for 35 pictures + the pocket pages, so I guess she can room about 40-45 pictures in here :)

Tre-Fold-Card on the left side for 4 pictures and pocket for 5 pictures on the right side.

Plain side for 1-2 Pictures and a Waterfall Card on the right side for 5 Pictures.

Mini Album on the left side for 9 pictures and 1-2 Pictures on the right side.

3 Pictures inside the card on the left side and 1 Picture on the right side.

Pocket with picture Mats on the left side - for about 5 pictres and a pocet under the elefant on the right side. (1-2 pictures) 

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