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mandag 15. april 2013

Scrapbooking Album Tutorial

I would like to show you guys how I make my big Guestbooks. 
This book you can make in all kinds of sizes as long as you have a design paper that is big enough to cover up the chipboards. If you have some questions feel free to ask me. 


Add some double sided tape to the design paper to one of the chipboard sides.

Glue the chipboard to the design paper.

Cut the corners like on the photo, not to close to the chipboard.

Like this!

Add some double sided tape around the whole frame.

Glue the paper to the double sided tape on the frame.

Cut a 200-300 gram paper for the spine. Score a 1/8" or more in the middle of the spine paper.

Glue the 2 pages together with some space in between.

And it should look like this.
 Make 4-5 x of these ones and that will give you a book of 8-10 pages + the covers. I like to add a small Inch to the front and back covers so those pages are bigger then the pages inside the album.

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